Introducing Property Data


Property Data

REA Insights delivers consumers and organisations a deep understanding of the property market via expert analysis, market reports and a suite of powerful data-driven products.

Australia’s most powerful suite of property tools

Make more informed property decisions. Our rich suite of data product brings you unparalleled insights and more accurate data so you can make every decision based on the exact state of your local property market.

Our Australia-wide residential coverage means you’ll get the trends and analysis that matter, no matter where you’re located. 

That’s why the leading lenders, brokers, valuation firms, financial services, tech firms and local government authorities are coming to rely on REA Insights to power their operations.

Property, Market and Neighbourhood API

Drive your business forward with the most reliable, relevant and comprehensive market data. Our cutting edge APIs let you tap into the best market intelligence from your local area and beyond. Our products include:

  • Property API
  • Market Insights API
  • Neighbourhood API
Property and Market Widgets

Get the real picture of the property market delivered in real time. Our Property & Market Widgets put unparalleled market intelligence data and visualisations at your fingertips.

Property Market Reports

Get the best market insights with a range of free weekly and monthly reports from the experts at REA Group.

  • Weekly Demand Reports
  • New Home Snapshots
  • Property Search Reports
  • Commercial Snapshots

REA Insights Benefits

We power Australia’s best real estate businesses through our rich suite of unique data-driven products. This includes:

  • Industry-leading APIs that provide in-depth analysis of property market data
  • Trusted by Australia’s leading property experts
  • The power of unique and extensive consumer behavioural data
  • Large data science team that continues to develop new property market insights and indicies
  • Market insights and intelligence delivered in real time via customisable widgets or our APIs
  • Bulk Data exports that allow users to harness the latest property market intelligence
  • Industry-leading expert analysis and comprehensive property reports

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