Property & Market Widgets

Instantly visualise any data or trend

Our Property & Market Widgets allow you, your staff and your customers to see what matters most through real time property data visualisations. You can embed our digital Property & Market Widgets on your website or application with virtually no effort at all. Create your own property reports and provide users with a better online experience.

Make sense of the numbers

Getting your hands on the most comprehensive property data is just part of the equation. The other part is making sense of it. That’s where REA Insights Property & Market Widgets can help.

Our widgets let you create easy-to-understand property visualisations on your dashboards or customer engagement online tools. Best of all, they make it easy to show the trends with minimal cost and effort and without expensive IT development overheads.

You are able to apply your own branding to our widgets to create a seamless on-brand experience in your website, products and inhouse applications.

How our widgets can help you

Comparable Widget

Lets you quickly show clients data from the most relevant properties to the one they’re interested in buying or selling.

Image Carousel Widget

Gives you the flexibility to add relevant images of a home to any property report.

Market Trends Widget

Lets you display the market trends for a property type in a selected suburb.

PDF Report

Allows you to generate a PDF Property Report for your clients to help them make the right buying or selling decision. You can also easily integrate this with your email software.

Price Estimate Widget

Lets you provide customers with the accurate value of any property in which they’re interested.

Property Details Widget

Gives you a snapshot of any property’s key features, including its full address, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spots, zoning information, and more.

Property Features Widget

Instantly provides the full picture of a property’s attributes, including lot map, land size and more.

Property History Widget

Lets you show buyers a history of sales transactions, leases and other relevant events for any property.

Google Map Widget

Surfaces the location of your selected property on an interactive map for easy inspection of the local area

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