Desktop Valuer

Our market leading web-based valuation tool for performing digital valuations, leveraging our unparalleled property data and imagery

The REA Desktop Valuer is engineered to let valuation firms complete property assessments faster. Working in conjunction with our AVM and APIs, it lets you automate valuation requests based on your own risk and compliance needs.

Our Desktop Valuer was designed and built based on direct feedback from valuers and lenders. It comes with a wealth of property data and imagery (supplied from REA listings) to help valuers assess any property without the need to physically visit the site.

How does REA Desktop Valuer work?

REA Desktop Valuer is easy to access and leverages our address search and matching functionality. It has rich property data available, including real-time updates from REA Listings for the latest imagery.

Desktop Valuer includes a recommendations engine that identifies the best comparables has based on regulatory criteria, such as three settled sales in the past three months. You can also see rich insights on the area to better understand market trends

From there, you simply select the properties you believe are the best match, enter an estimated value and use our ValueCheck functionality to validate. After this it is a simple as submitting the report – which will send the results to the requester in the form of a PDF.

REA Desktop Valuer Benefits

There are many reasons by more valuers choose REA Desktop Valuer

  • Access to REA Group’s comprehensive data, such as listing details, imagery, sales history and more
  • Insights generated from millions of visitors to the REA Group’s websites
  • Access to current Valuer General sales data
  • Comparables recommendations engines that uses machine learning techniques to help you pinpoint comparable properties

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